Kaishi Yamaguchi

Research Now

Research Now is an online sampling and data collection company. My brief from the company was to create a E-newsletter design and Flash Animation promoting a new webinar service being provided by the company. For full design for the company please check out my Work section.


Cold Fresh Press Juice by Guanabana

New promo material designed for Guanabana Latin Caribbean for their cold fresh pressed juices.
Follow the link below for my projects page:


Bintang Restaurant Website Design

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Working from WordPress Theme, my brief was to redesign the website as a mobile optimised site. The brief also included a mobile site design for the ease of navigation to the restaurant booking widget as well as to the recently relaunched delivery site.

I chose Photobile Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp as a mobile site template to work from and mainly worked from the template with not much customisation to the original template. The main challenge for me was to incorporate the restaurant booking widget to the theme which required several trial and error.


Bintang Delivery Branding

New work published. Please check it out! It’s a project I did in 2013. A rebranding for a still ongoing delivery service by Bintang restaurant.


Guanabana Open Mic Night Poster Design

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Hello all! New artwork updates on my work section check it out!
Here’s the link to the event page: http://www.guanabanarestaurant.com/the-guanabana-jam-sessions-open-mic-night-last-monday-of-every-month/


Bintang New Branding 2014

New branding for Bintang Restaurant starting from new A la Carte menu deign to flyers design etc. One of my recently completed work from 2014.

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Fairfax Locksmiths

Commissioned website by Fairfax Locksmiths based in North London completed fairly recently.

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New Portfolio 2014

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Hello people long time no see, new portfolio with summary of my work from 2014 available to view/ download on my portfolio page. Please take a look!

Follow this link to view my portfolio page: http://www.kaishiyamaguchi.com/portfolio/

EigaUK Website Design

Category : Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design · (617) Comments · by Mar 25th, 2015

Personally commissioned web design project completed for EIGAUK, a film news website for Japanese audience in UK. For anybody interested in my work and/ or wants to try and decipher Japanese out of curiosity here is the website link! www.eigauk.com


Bintang Chicken Wings Week…

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Here’s another poster work I did for Bintang Restaurant where I work as an in house graphic Designer:http://www.kaishiyamaguchi.com/works/chicken-wings-week/

Have a look at the work on our restaurant Facebook Page:


Adobe Illustrator, Chinese Propaganda, Asian Film Poster, Japanese Writing etc.