Kaishi Yamaguchi

Guanabana Latin Caribbean Restaurant Web Design

I had just finished my latest web design project for Ubecreatives Ltd commissioned by Guanabana Latin Caribbean Restaurant. Follow the link here: http://otakustudio.co.uk/works/guanabana-latin-caribbean-restaurant-branding-web-design/ to take a look at this from my project page or Follow the link below to take a look at the website yourself: http://www.guanabanarestaurant.com

My main role for this project had been modifying the predesigned wordpress template overseeing the design side and technical side of website, and helping out with few branding works alongside my colleague Graphic Designer. A la Carte Menu Design, Slideshow Animation Design, Slideshow Design etc.


Hello world!

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Otaku-Studio-Hello-World-Kaishi-Yamaguchi-Illustration-and-Graphic-DesignI am a freelance graphic designer occasionally working on websites. I have previously worked for Bintang Pan Asian Restaurant and Guanabana Latin Caribbean Restaurant as in-house graphic designer also in charge of their website design and web maintenance.

I was responsible for overseeing while working as a part of the team for the rebranding of both restaurants in 2014. Guanabana Latin Caribbean rebranding was a collaborative work with COMPLEX d.s.

For web design I work mainly from WordPress Templates sometimes tweaking the HTML/ CSS coding if necessary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for logo design, web design collaboration, poster design, flyer design, menu design, branding etc.